Joseph Batty CA

Mr. Batty has a long history in financial management and is a leading authority on structuring and financing knowledge rich companies. Joe has held many corporate directorships and senior management positions, including VP of Finance at NAIT (Northern Alberta Institute of Technology) and three year tenure as CEO of a Canadian electronics group. The work Joe has done over the past many years has made him an authority on the identification, evaluation, valuation and (where appropriate) capitalization of “Intangible Assets”. Every financial manager today needs to know and understand these principles: the success of their businesses depends on it.

The Team

The mission of Pro-Venture's Pathway was born in the lived experience of the founders.

Having worked with First Nations in business we've been conscious the need to support these communities in their quest for cultural and financial independence. The Pro-Venture's Investment Ready approach works, we start with communities, understanding their goals and aspirations and helping to fit their various business ventures into a comprehensive community development program.

But Pro-Ventures is also interested in helping Canadian technology firms. Having personally experienced the world of technology and been impressed by its astonishing promise we were, each in our turn, disappointed by what we considered the lack of technology successes in Canada. Certainly there have been Canadian achievements, but in our view successes that led to new business growth in Canada were too few and too far between, given the levels of public and personal investment.

To help reverse this undesirable situation we are approaching the problem differently, in ways that address certain underlying flaws, as we see it, in the conventional technology commercialization process in Canada.

We saw flaws in Canadian venture financing. Although venture finance and private equity firms in Canada play an important role, we feel these firms are under capitalized, place unnecessary time constraints and management burdens on their clients. Venture successes in Canada almost always involve selling world-beating innovation to larger US venture firms or global companies just at the point where they're ready to become viable. Canadians, in effect, fund the R&D and carry most of the primary commercialization risk only to see their innovation head south of the border or overseas.

We also saw flaws in the technology firms themselves. The problems begin immediately. Talented teams of individuals create something of value, but, generally, lack the market know-how in order to be successful. These firms are hard to finance due to the fact they're underpinned by newer intangible assets. To achieve their goals, technologists will have to quickly learn a host of new skills, developing a world class expertise in 'digital age' strategy to optimize their product (or services) and handle distribution, marketing and sales in pursuit of their global opportunity. A tall mountain to climb, particularly when capital is in very short supply

We feel that Canadian innovators need more support, particularly in the early stages of commercialization. Success in business is a bit like gardening; it first requires an 'oxygenated' environment, the financial and organizational stability to develop and grow. Then as the technology approaches maturity it needs a host of organizational, marketing and planning support services that can see the process through to the end, not just to a predetermined financial exit point. The 'platform' approach we devised combines the excitement of new technology with the stability of solid business fundamentals. It provides a win-win-win approach that's safer for investors, a better deal for innovators and is designed to win in the rough and tumble world of technology commercialization.

The Pro-Venture's Mission

Core Associates

Gordon Boddez.

Gordon brings a wealth of experience and a variety of skill sets to the team. Gordon has been a senior manager in the electrical and cement industries. In addition, he has on the ground experience in business ownership, consultancy, marketing and sales. Gordon has had a long career in public service, having been an elected school board trustee for 18 years and a councilor for 6 years. He has served on several public and private boards of directors including Rotary and the Lions Club International.  Gordon has developed and managed an Educational Research Foundation  for the Province of Alberta 

Garth Likes

Garth Likes is an experienced entrepreneur. His skills encompass, business development, finance, marketing and a host of technology commercialization activities. Mr. Like’s technical competence extends from medical microbiology, infectious disease to immunology, and protein therapeutics.Garth has worked at senior levels in both private and public biotechnology companies ranging from VP Business and Corporate Development to CEO/President. Over the past decade he has worked as a consultant and a board of director's level adviser to multiple companies. 

Mark Anielski

Mark Anielski is author of the best selling The Economics of Happiness. He is a partner and co-founder of Genuine Wealth Institute in Edmonton. Mark has developed a unique perspective on economics and a number of practical tools for businesses and communities to develop economies of well being. He has advised governments, companies and individuals in Canada, the US, Austria, China, The Netherlands, Bhutan, and Tahiti. Mark is a former adjunct professor in corporate sustainability and social entrepreneurship at the UofA's School of Business in Edmonton

Ron Palfery

Ron Palfery is the former Group President of two US based Fortune 500 companies. He's presently CEO of a Canadian technology firm with offices in Vancouver, Toronto and San Jose, CA. Ron has held several key executive management positions. Ron is an M&A specialist with over 25 deals to his credit. He currently serves as a Director on several Boards of private companies and is the past Chairman of the Board of the Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters in British Columbia. 


Robert McGarvey

Robert is a corporate strategist and author of books on the new economy. He began his career as a petroleum geologist in Calgary, and went on to become managing director of a London UK-based consulting firm. Since returning from the United Kingdom, McGarvey has been the President of Negawatt International Inc, a Canadian electronics group and Head of Strategy for Beckett Advisors, a consulting group based in Los Angeles, California. Robert is an executive committee member of the ERC (Economic Research Council in London) and a co-founder of the Genuine Wealth Institute in Edmonton.