Berkshire Hathaway Model

Like Warren Buffet, Pro-Venture's will organize and manage the public side of the business, providing a leveraged environment for technology companies.


Access Capital Markets Through Different Channels

Pro-Ventures will work with peer to peer lenders, banks and credit unions to provide unique RRSP (and TSFA) eligible investment opportunities for local investors. Our goal is to provide investors an opportunity to support local talent, creating jobs and building the industries of the future in our own backyards.

Asset Based Strategy

We identify and capitalize intangible assets. Today, over 75% of GDP in advanced economies is composed of intangibles, we've built new systems to mature these assets to the leverage point.


Solid 'Platform' Strategy

Most venture capital and private equity firms build diverse portfolios, which add little to the success of local ventures. We build platforms with solid financial, organizational and managerial stability. These platforms provide the space, time and capital necessary to fully develop a technology business in Canada.

Four Core Elements of Pro-Venture's Approach

Pro-Ventures Capital Markets Initiative

The second reason technology is hard to finance is most technology ventures are in Technology Jail, trapped in the financial Starvation Zone There are plenty of resources available for primary R&D through university and related funding channels. However, once a technology is out in the market the support and financing options diminish significantly. Banks are NOT equipped to finance pre-revenue ventures and don't (or won't) recognize the collateral value of intangible assets. Venture capital is difficult to come by and structured to benefit the money. VC's are not designed to help technology companies achieve their full potential

The solution involves two different funding agencies we're presently putting in place. The Alberta First Fund is a staging fund to identify technology ventures with promise, ensure they're 'market' ready and 'investment' ready. These funds are financed uniquely from thousand's of individual investors' TSFA and RRSP accounts. The object of the Alberta First Fund is to prepare the ventures for private second stage investment through a member's only P2P Community Sourcing platform, an internet based technology that allows individual investors to participate in fully documented investments through their self-directed RRSP and TSFA investments, a format that directly links Albertan's savings to exciting new ventures in the province.

Have you ever wondered why it's so difficult to finance a technology venture and yet so easy to finance a house? The answer lies in the structure of our Capital Markets, they're designed to finance property and NOT adequately structured to finance technology.